Bridal = Bride Ale

Beer Trivia of the Month

Lately, we’ve had a lot of people in Brew Club brewing up beer for their weddings in Autumn.

So I thought for this month I’d share a fun fact with you; the etymology of the word ‘bridal’.

Bridal originated from the Old English word ‘brydeleo’ (meaning ‘wedding feast’). By Middle English the word had become ‘bridale’ (bride + ale).


You will see stories about bride ale being beer brewed for the wedding, however this is not quite correct.

Much as ‘tea’ can be both the drink and the occasion of drinking it, in Middle neurontin online English ‘ale’ meant to feast, or to drink ale. So bridale was not referring to the beer per se, but rather the occasion of drinking it at the wedding – a wedding feast.

However, it was also common practice for beer to be brewed for the wedding and sold to help defer the costs of the event.

So though the times have changed, we, like our ancestors, still enjoy a fun bride ale event!

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