Brew Club American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

Grain Bill

Pale Malt 3.8 kg
Munich Malt 500 g
Vienna Malt 500 g
Crystal Malt Light 250 g
Carapils 150 g


Summit 15 g 17.5% AA 60 min
Summit 6 g 17.5% AA 15 min
Summit 6 g 17.5% AA 5 min
Summit 12 g 17.5% AA 1 min
Summit 24 g 17.5% AA Dry Hop
Willamette 24 g 5.6% AA Dry Hop


Fermentis Safale US-05


Mash for at 66°C 40 mins in 23L Water

Sparge with 9.5 L water

Boil for 60 mins

Carbonate as desired.


This is our brew-class APA and probably our most popular recipe at this point.

It’s got a more complex grain bill than some of our other recipes, but a bit of a simpler hop bill.

The hops are almost all Summit, which have a citrusy flavour sometimes described as orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.

A touch of Willamette in the dry-hopping adds a bit of an earthy, floral note. Willamette is always a great bet for a dry hop!

A lot of people use this recipe as a base and change up the Summit for other citrusy, fruity hops, like Citra or Mosaic.

This recipe is £17.

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