Amber Ale

Amber Ale

Grain Bill

Pale Ale Malt 4 kg
Amber Malt 400g
Munich Malt 400 g
Crystal 150 250 g
Wheat Malt 150 g
Chocolate Malt 30 g


Centennial 10 g 10.5% 60 mins
Simcoe 20 g 15 mins
Citra  20 g 5 mins
Citra  15 g 0 mins
Simcoe 15 g 0 mins


Fermentis Safale S-04 English Ale


Treat mash water with 20ml AMS

Mash at 66-68°C for 40 mins in 23L Water

Sparge with 9 L water

Boil for 60 mins

Carbonate as desired.


Here’s a smooth-drinking amber ale with a nice balance of maltiness and hoppiness. (by the way, order tramadol online when I typed ‘hoppiness’ it got auto-corrected to ‘happiness’ which seems reasonable!)

We threw the dark malts in at the end of the mash, in order to grab their colour but not too much of the flavour. It worked and we ended up with the ruby red colour we were looking for with just a subtle degree of dark-roast flavour.

This recipe costs £18.

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