English IPA


This is our beginners brewing class English IPA recipe.

With the popularity of the American style beers, many other styles aren’t getting brewed as often as they used to, including the British styles, so I think this makes a nice departure from the current trends.

It’s got a simple malt base (that could easy be tweaked for other ale styles), that’s finished with the most quintessential of all British hops, East Kent Goldings.

Goldings lean gently on the herbal, floral, and earthy side of flavours, as opposed to the big, punchy, citrusy American hops, making this easy-drinking and refreshing, and a bit more malt forward.

The use of S-04 yeast, which gives off more esters and attenuates less than US-05, solidifies this as a true British style beer.

Of course, if you want to change things up, you could opt for American or New Zealand hops, and throw in US-05 instead.




Grain Bill

Pale Malt 5 kg
Crystal Malt – Light 250 g


Olicana 75 g 6.8% AA 60 min
East Kent Goldings 65 g 5.1% AA 1 min


Fermentis Safale S-04 English Ale


Treat mash water with 20ml AMS

Mash at 66°C for 40 mins in 23L Water

Sparge with 9.5 L water

Boil for 60 mins

Carbonate as desired.


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