Dry Hopped Stout


A thick strong stout brewed with plenty of chocolate malt, a generous amount of American hops and some malt extract for that extra kick.

Goes down well at parties – well, it did at ours!


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Grain Bill

Pale Malt 4.3 kg
Chocolate Malt 500 g
Torrified Wheat 200 g
Brown Malt 150 g
Roasted Barley 150 g


Light Dried Malt Extract 1.45 kg 60 mins
Chinook 30 g 13% AA 60 mins
Summit 40 g 17.5% AA 15 mins
Amarillo 35 g 9.5% AA 5 mins
Simcoe 30 g 12% AA 0 mins
Mosaic 30 g 12% AA 0 mins
Simcoe 35 g 12% AA Dry Hop
Amarillo 35 g 9.5% AA Dry Hop


Fermentis Safale US-05 American Ale


Treat mash water with 20ml AMS

Mash at 68°C for 40 mins in 23L Water

Sparge with 9.5 L water

Boil for 60 mins

Carbonate as desired


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