How it works

How Brew Club works

Jobrew2000We want to make brewing good beer as easy as possible. These are the 5 simple steps to brewing your own beer at Brew Club:

  1. Book – Choose the time and date you want to hire a brew station. A brew session lasts 6 hours, giving you plenty of time.
  2. Brew – Turn up and brew. We’ll provide everything you’ll need.
  3. Ferment – When the brew is done, you’ll store it in our temperature controlled fermentation room for about 2 weeks.
  4. Bottle – Come back to Brew Club to bottle your beer and take it home. We can provide the bottles and boxes or you can reuse your own.
  5. Enjoy – About 10 days later your beer will be carbonated and ready to drink. Remember to hold onto your bottles for your next brew.


If you’re a self sufficient brewer and plan to bring your own ingredients and bottles with you then you can just pay for the space and equipment on a pay per brew basis at £50. This include the use of a brew station, the use of the fermentation room, and the bottling equipment when you come to collect your beer.

You’ll be able to buy extras on the day if required e.g. recipes will generally cost about £15-20 and a box with 20 bottles costs £10.

We also offer beginner’s classes for people who are new to brewing.


Currently Brew Stations are available at either 10am or 5pm most days. Check the calendar for date availability.

Our facilities

BrewStationWe use German-made Braumeisters with a 20litre capacity. This provides about 40 bottles of beer (500ml each). The machine has an integrated digital thermometer and timer and is really easy to clean.
Each Brew Station also has its own:

  • Large sink, with hoses for cleaning
  • Wort chiller
  • Hydrometer (s)
  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring jugs and spoons
  • Buckets
  • Beer paddle
  • Sanitising agent
  • Water additions (salts, carbonate reduction solution etc)
  • Fermentation vessel and airlocks

For bottling, the work stations also have:

  • A bottle draining tree
  • Bottling buckets and wands
  • A capper and bottle caps
  • Sanitising agent
  • Sugar