Covid-19 Update

Brew Club is Back!

We hope you and those close to you, have managed to stay safe throughout these months of Covid-19 lockdown.

We imagine all the stress and uncertainty of these strange days have left you in need of a little tipple. On that front, we have good news! Brew Club is open again for brewing and beer, albeit with a few small adjustments until the Covid coast is totally clear.

The Taproom + Bottle Shop

The taproom and bottle shop will be open on weekends as follows:

  • Friday 5-10pm
  • Saturday 2-10pm
  • Sunday 2-8pm

Seating will be quite limited for now, as we must maintain social distance protocols in the small space. However, weather permitting, we do have quite a large outdoor seating area available.

Of course, all the usual safety precautions must be taken!

As usual, our current beer roster is available on our taproom page or via Untappd.

The Brewery

We have reopened the booking system for classes, however instead of the usual capacity of 6 brew stations we will only be working with 4 for now, in order to allow distance between participants.

We have also had to limit number of friends you can bring along to the class to 1. If you have previously paid for more than friend to join you, let us know and we refund the cost of the extra friends. 

Gift voucher sales will be temporarily paused in order to get through some of the vouchers still outstanding. Once we have knocked that number down a bit, voucher sales will resume.

Brew Stations are also available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We will be reviewing availability on an ongoing basis so keep an eye out for additional spaces.


As usual, raw ingredients are available for sale. The list of our current stock is available is here.

Ingredients are available by appointment only. If you would like to purchase ingredients, please contact Ian.

Unfortunately, we do not ship ingredients. They must be picked up in person.


*Please note, that all purchases at Brew Club, in both the taproom and brewery, are by card only. We do not accept cash.*

Please keep an eye on our page for updates on operating hours and procedures.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us via email or the social networks (@brewclubuk).

We look forward to seeing you again!