Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Brew club offers fun and alternative corporate events. We run a hands-on brewing class, ideal for away days, team building or client entertainment.

  • Prices start at £300 for a group of 6 people attending a mid-week class (Tues to Thurs).
  • Each additional person is £50.
  • We have 6 brew stations available.

What’s included

A brew day

  • We will deliver a tailored all-grain brewing course for your team or clients, where we’ll teach you the basics of beer brewing
  • The class lasts around 4 hours and is a totally hands-on experience, where you brew your own beer
  • Each brewing station can accommodate 2-3 people and you can choose from a choice of recipes
  • Each brewing station will produce 20L of beer (around 40x 500ml bottles).

Beer tasting

  • We will have fresh-brewed samples of our 4 brew class recipe options for you to try before brewing.

Use of the taproom

  • The bar will be open during and/or after the class, where we’ll have beers from a local brewery on tap.

Bottling and delivery

  • After the brew class, we’ll hold store your beer in our temperature controlled fermentation room for two weeks.
  • We will bottle the beer for you and have it sent to your office via courier.

Optional extras

Lunch: If you are with us over lunchtime we can arrange for lunch to be delivered from a local restaurant.

Beer Tasting: We can arrange to have a professional, guided beer tasting during the break.

Find out more

If you’d like to discuss your requirements or have any questions about our Corporate Events package, please email us on